Amigos de las Aves USA --
The Parrot Fund

Tambopata Macaw Project
Dr. Donald Brightsmith, Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center Texas A&M University
Psittacine Intelligence and Communication
Dr. Irene Pepperberg
The Alex Foundation and Harvard University
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"Wild Parrots --
Keep Them Flying!"
"Working for the future of parrots since 2002"
Projects Supported in 2013    
Parrots International
Support for the Eighth Parrots International Symposium in Los Angeles, CA
Population Viability and Conservation of African Grey Parrots on the Island of Principe, Gulf of Guinea

PhD Research by Simon Valle,
Manchester Metropolitan University
Also supported by Parrots International
Preventing the Invasion of Parrot Nesting Cavities by Africanized Bees
Caroline Efstathion
PhD student, University of Florida